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Staying With The “It’s Getting Warmer” Theme

Good summer (pirate thong) Bad summer

Don’t Tell Russia About Global Warming

If there is one place on Earth where they need it to be warmer, that would be Russia MOSCOW – Russia’s severest cold in a quarter of a century, with temperatures in Moscow at minus 8 Saturday, has killed at least 40 people and strained the nation’s crumbling infrastructure, with residents piling on the blankets […]

Global Warming Alarmism Continues

Let’s start with former EPA heads The U.S. is failing to take the lead in confronting global warming, a "dishonest" and "self-destructive" approach that only worsens the problem, say former federal environmental chiefs. "We need leadership, and I don’t think we’re getting it," Russell Train said Wednesday at an Environmental Protection Agency symposium commemorating the […]

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