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Recess Appointments, Oh My!

Actually a rather balanced, non BDS story from the AP. Editors must be on vacation WASHINGTON – President Bush’s decision to bypass the Senate in filling posts at the State Department, Federal Election Commission and National Labor Relations Board drew protests Thursday from lawmakers and advocacy groups. Under the Constitution, the president may avoid the […]

Ocean Currents Shifted 55 Million Years Ago

Interesting PARIS (AFP) – An extraordinary burst of global warming that occurred around 55 million years ago dramatically reversed Earth’s pattern of ocean currents, a finding that strengthens modern-day concern about climate change, a study says. The big event, the Palaeocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), saw the planet’s surface temperature rise by between five and eight […]

Stop The ACLU!

I do not see anything of interest in the news about the ACLU today, maybe they have been taking the time to actually read the US Constitution. Na. Meanwhile, go to Stop The ACLU for today’s blogburst.

Triangle Rail System: Just Say No, Part II

Back on October 3, 2005, I wrote a post Triangle Rail System: Just Say No. Recently, Elizabeth, a local resident, had this to say: If you think that the rail system does nothing then what do you think is the solution to traffic on I-40 and the continuing misuse of resources to sprawl. Many a […]

13 Billion Years Old

How cool is that? Was kinda playing around, looking at some of the Hubble photo’s, and ran across this one: The scientists are unsure of the exact distance to the galaxy but know it is near the limit of what can be found with current telescopes. It is estimated to be 13 billion light-years away, […]

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