Ocean Currents Shifted 55 Million Years Ago


PARIS (AFP) – An extraordinary burst of global warming that occurred around 55 million years ago dramatically reversed Earth’s pattern of ocean currents, a finding that strengthens modern-day concern about climate change, a study says.

The big event, the Palaeocene/Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM), saw the planet’s surface temperature rise by between five and eight degrees C (nine and 16.2 F) in a very short time, unleashing climate shifts that endured tens of thousands of years.

Color me unimpressed. While the story is interesting from an historical point of view (I love all those programs on National Geographic, Discovery Science Channel, etc), this information is being used as another hysterical cry about global warming.

I am not familiar with their being large scale industry 55 million years ago. But, they have their facts down

What unleashed the PETM is unclear. Most fingers of blame point to volcanic eruptions that disgorged gigatonnes of carbon dioxide, or coastal reservoirs of methane gas, sealed by icy soil, that were breached by warmer temperatures or receding seas.

So they do not know the cause, other then speculation. And that is the problem with those pushing the global warming issue: they do not have concrete facts. Speculation, computer models, nitpicked data, and hysteria. I am all for saving the environment, clean air, clean water, stopping deforestation, etc. But, I want to see reality, not hysteria.

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5 Responses to “Ocean Currents Shifted 55 Million Years Ago”

  1. Raging Bee says:

    Let’s see…you Republicans distort and ignore the data that proves that abstinence-only sex-ed and AIDS-prevention policies don’t work; you try to force a narrow religious doctrine into biology classes disguised as science; and your president repeats lies long after they have been exposed as such; and now you expect us to believe you, and not the scientists, on yet another scientific issue?

    Color me unimpressed.

  2. Gee, a typical lib ad hominem attack. You spout your talking points, attack me, yet did not provide any counter evidence.

    Thanks for playing, back to the sand box for you.

  3. BillT says:

    It was all the glyptodont’s fault for not ratifying Kyoto. Serves ‘im right for going extinct before the libs could rally.

  4. Raging Bee says:

    Yeah, right, the Dover decision is all over the Web, as is the truth behind Bush’s spin, and you still pretend to demand evidence?

    Sorry, your credibility is already in the toilet, so your posts about scientific issues mean nothing. If that’s an “ad-hominem” attack, it’s one you and your party have been earning ever since Clinton took office. If you talk like an uncaring idiot, expect to be called one.

  5. So still nothing to substaniate your opinion, eh, Raging Bee?

    Take a look back through previous environment posts of mine. Until recently, my opinion was that it isn’t a matter of whether global warming was happening, but how much of an effect man has on it.

    Now, after reading contradictory evidence, my opinion is “I’m not sure if global warming is actually happening.”

    Convince me that it is happening.

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