Daily Archives: January 2, 2006

Europe Loves Kyoto, Don’t They?

Well, we know they hate the USA because Bush pulled out of Clinton wouldn’t sign The Kyoto Protocol. You remember, that treaty that the Senate voted 95-0 against, and Al Gore signed in a symbolic manner? And now blame Bush for pulling out of? But, like our Left leaning Surrender Monkeys, European Kyoto lovers are […]

Funny Democrat Stuff

Found over at the website for the Democratic House Leader, the wonderful Nancy "kill the Ca. Tiger Salamander" Pelosi: Democrats are working hard to protect America from domestic terrorism by helping local police and firefighters, and increasing security at ports, power plants, roads, and bridges.  Democrats stand up for economic growth plans that are fair, […]

2006: Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Interesting poll from Rasmussen: Eighty percent (80%) of Republicans expect 2006 to be a good year along with 49% of Democrats. (h/t Blogs For Bush) It is a rather interesting breakdown. The Dems, who think that this is the year they will regain the Senate, Rove will be indicted, and Bush and Cheney will be […]

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