Europe Loves Kyoto, Don’t They?

Well, we know they hate the USA because Bush pulled out of Clinton wouldn’t sign The Kyoto Protocol. You remember, that treaty that the Senate voted 95-0 against, and Al Gore signed in a symbolic manner? And now blame Bush for pulling out of? But, like our Left leaning Surrender Monkeys, European Kyoto lovers are hypocrites

Most of Europe, which has criticized the United States over its stance on global warming, looks set to miss a set of goals to cut greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol.

The findings by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), revealed Tuesday, will make embarrassing reading for European governments that have berated Washington for its refusal to ratify the United Nations pact.

Of 15 countries in Europe signed up to Kyoto, only Britain and Sweden were on target to meet their commitments on reducing harmful gas emissions by 2012, said the IPPR, Britain’s leading progressive think tank.

Pull out the spice weasal and give it a good BAMM! (Futurama)

Quite frankly, my position on global warming has, as I stated recently, done a 180. I am just not being shown true scientific evidence of global warming, but, rather, evidence of global cooling.

Take Antarctica-remeber that huge chunk of the Ross Ice Shelf that calved? (More info here) Well, at the same time, the data, scientific data, not computer extrapolation data, Antartica was shown to be getting cooler. (more data here) Why, you ask? Could be because there are no large cities and urban areas there, what is called ground effect, rather then because of a minute concentration, equivilent to 1 inch on a football field, if you look at the Earth’s atmospheric gasses as a football field.

Anyhow, good for Britian and Sweden for being on target. The rest: shut the hell up!

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  1. Ogre says:

    Oh, but it’s for the children!


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