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SOTU 2006

Couple quick points: Dems look like fools staying in their seats, especially when President W was calling for tax cuts. You can see where the Dems are on this: take the money away from the people who earn it. Now the Dems stand up and cheer regarding saving Social Security. They want it to tank. […]

Breaking: Cindy Sheehan Arrested

CNN TV is reporting that ultra wackjob, and demaloon favorite, Cindy Sheehan has been arrested. They are bloviating and yammering on, like this woman, who is truly unhinged, means anything. Gee, what were the odds on that. Just let’s not see any pictures showing the upskirt like before. PS: I heard about this from a […]

No, No, Don’t Worry About Iran

Now, we all know that the problems with Iran are Bush’s personal fault. They never had aspirations to get nuclear weapons and destroy Israel before Bush became President, excuse me, stole two elections. And, we all know that those on the Left hate Israel, even more so now that Bush is (still) President. And the […]

Europe In Grip Of Severe Cold: Gotta Be Global Warming

Because global warming is now responsible for every type of weather. Including cold periods Freezing weather continued to take its toll across Europe, with the number of dead in Poland rising above the 200 mark since the start of winter. Temperatures fell as low as minus 35 Celsius (minus 31 Fahrenheit) in parts of Poland […]

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