SOTU 2006

Couple quick points:

Dems look like fools staying in their seats, especially when President W was calling for tax cuts. You can see where the Dems are on this: take the money away from the people who earn it.

Now the Dems stand up and cheer regarding saving Social Security. They want it to tank.

The senior Senator from New York, Hilary Clinton (oops, sorry Chuck), had a nice little smile when W brought up the Surveillance program, knowing that Bush hit a tape measure tater.

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4 Responses to “SOTU 2006”

  1. beth says:

    I saw Hill’s little smile too 🙂 That was funny.

    I noticed Kerry watched his shoes the whole time – especially when the President gave ’em all a whippin’ for being so divisive! ROFL

    Great speech!

  2. DC says:


    Hillary was burned on the “tater”, as you noticed. That was classic. Notice how she was shaking her head.

    Also classic was when Bush gapped a great funny by pointing out that he and Billy C. were his dad’s “two favorite 60-year-olds”. She was just staring blankly.

    She is like a two-headed hydra: one head dragon and the other eggplant.

  3. Jack Meoff says:

    Bush is an idiot.

  4. Hill’s new that the speech resonated with the average American. The Bill C mention was priceless.

    If Bush is an idiot, Jack (rather deep thought, there), what does that say about Kerry, who lost to him?

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