Europe In Grip Of Severe Cold: Gotta Be Global Warming

Because global warming is now responsible for every type of weather. Including cold periods

Freezing weather continued to take its toll across Europe, with the number of dead in Poland rising above the 200 mark since the start of winter.

Temperatures fell as low as minus 35 Celsius (minus 31 Fahrenheit) in parts of Poland last week. While they have become milder this week, temperatures are still below freezing at night in most of the country.

The cold weather, which hit Russia first, spread westwards across the whole of Europe as far as Portugal.

Even Lisbon was hit, experiencing its first heavy snowfall in 52 years, and icy conditions forced the closure of many motorways and main roads in the north and centre of the country on Monday, a traffic police official said.

I’m sure that this is a momentary blip on the way to a runaway trend towards Earth being scoured by high heat. Did you know that Europe and northern Russia seem to be getting hotter since 1998, while the US is getting cooler?

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Top right picture shows the baseline comparison. In the US, it is only a spot in the NW that got warmer. Isn’t that a Blue area?

Interestingly, I looked up Raleigh, which had a 2005 average of 15.7 C. It was warmer then that back around 1885.

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4 Responses to “Europe In Grip Of Severe Cold: Gotta Be Global Warming”

  1. Jeff H says:

    I think Al “I Invented the Internet” Gore continues to mistake the rising temperature in his pants with global temperatures.

    Or perhaps it’s because he’s getting closer and closer to an eternal destiny in Hell.

  2. Could be all the hot air he has internally.

  3. Maggie says:

    They can’t tell us what the weather will be next weekend but they can declare with assurance the temperature in 2025. Get real!

  4. Heck, they can mess up the weather for tommorrow.

    I remember back in 2000, the weatherman said the snow would end in the wee hours of the AM. Then it was mid am. Then late am. Then early PM. Then midafternoon.

    When all was said and done, it snowed for over 24 hours in Raleigh, we had 20+ inches of snow and at least an inch of ice under it, everything was shut down, couldn’t drive anywhere even on major roads, and I had no idea which space my white ford Probe was in. I knew the general area, but wasn’t going to dig someone elses car out.

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