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Yet another Global Warming project that misses the mark

People can’t take steps to reduce global warming unless they know how much they are contributing to it.

Using that belief as a starting point, environmentalists and Silicon Valley companies rolled out a new plan Thursday to help South Bay businesses and the public compute how many pounds of “greenhouse gases” they are generating, and then voluntarily offset that pollution with donations to companies that produce wind power and other renewable energy.

Under the scheme, the Sierra Club and Acterra, a Palo Alto environmental group, unveiled a new Web site,, where individuals can type in the number of miles they drive, their car’s gas mileage, the amount of electricity and natural gas on their power bills and how many airline miles they fly.

The site then computes how many pounds of carbon dioxide those practices generate. And it provides a way for people to voluntarily buy renewable power credits through 3 Phases Energy Services, a San Francisco-based renewable energy broker.

People cannot take steps to reduce global warming unless they factually and scientifically know what is causing it. There is no doubt that Man produces greenhouse gases. What is very much in doubt is whether Man puts out enough of these gases to affect the climate. That part always seems to be missed. There is a leap of faith that Global Warming, if it is happening, is Man’s fault. Show me the data!

On th eflip side, I do applaud them for program, independent of the global warming aspects. Clean air is a good thing, as are alternate energy sources.

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2 Responses to “Cool It USA”

  1. Ogre says:

    I’m going to go clear some air this afternoon and cut down on CO2 emissions — I’m going to go shoot some cows.

    And you know, they could also work to cut down on CO2 emissions by not breathing…

  2. JamesAach says:

    One of the other topics that’s come up in this area, which is an issue whether you agree with global warming or not, is increased use of nuclear power. “Rad Decision” is a new techno-thriller novel of the American nuclear industry, written by a longtime nuclear engineer, which is available at no cost at . Reader reviews can be found in the homepage comments.

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