Daily Archives: June 6, 2005

Wasn’t Kerry supposed to do something today?

Another broken promise (or would that be a flip flop?) by Kerry: Failed presidential candidate Kerry advised that he will begin the presentation of his case for President Bush’s impeachment to Congress, on Monday. Kerry said of the memo: "When I go back [to Washington] on Monday, I am going to raise the issue. I […]

High Court say no to the munchies

WASHINGTON – People who smoke marijuana because their doctors recommend it to ease pain can be prosecuted for violating federal drug laws, the Supreme Court ruled Monday, overriding medical marijuana statutes in 10 states. Geez, ya know, like, what a total bummer, that’s so, ya know, not gnarly. I mean, I’ve heard that pot does […]

(thong) Carnivals

Couple Carnivals for y’all to visit: Janette at Common Sense Runs Wild has this weeks Showcase, which highlights bloggers 3 months or younger. This week’s Tarheel Tavern is up at Billy the Blogging Poet’s. The Owner’s Manual has issue #80 of the Best of Me Symphony.

American Flag Bidness

We have another new member of the American Flag League, Undiscovered Country. Welcome aboard, Matie! Update: ye scurvy dogs give a hearty hello to Jack Lewis. Welcome aboard, Matie!

NY Times and Fireman

The New York Times was one of those who took shots at President Bush over Kerry’s "opening firehouses in Baghdad and shutting them in the United States of America" sound bite. Sorry, no link, it is in the NYT’s archive which requires payment. They have taken numerous shots at Mayor Bloomberg over the same issue. […]

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