Daily Archives: June 10, 2005

One for the lovely ladies

On this day in 1714, the pirate Anne Bonny beat the snot out of a young man who was making unwanted sexual advances so badly that he was stuck in bed for weeks.

More Muslim Desecration

But, see, once again, it is Muslim’s who are doing this, as Cao tells it: Shah showed the undercover agent how he had fashioned his prayer beads into a weapon that could be used to strangle a person. Now, Shah is one of the Muslims who was arrested in New York for joining Al Queda, […]

9/11 Spin Control

How many times will this be quoted by the Bush haters? In the weeks and months before Sept. 11, 2001, the FBI had some clues, but didn’t see them. It had a lead from one of its own agents, but didn’t follow it. That’s a funny start to the AP story, isn’t it? Would I […]

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