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American Flag Bidness

We have ourselves another fine addition to the American Flag League. Everyone give a big hand to the newest member, Coffee with CrankyBeach. Welcome aboard, Matie!

The AP’s on a roll today

Didn’t I just post a bad headline by the AP earlier today? Yup. Now we get: Mexico police commander shot dead on U.S. border Perhaps I’m a bit sensitive about this kind of thing, as probably you, as political blog reader, are. But, as you read that, didn’t you think that maybe a US cop, […]

Stop the ACLU wackjobs

This week is open season, mostly "what I hate about the ACLU." I’ll sum it up simply. I hate the ACLU because they are liars. From the About page at the ACLU: The ACLU is our nation’s guardian of liberty. We work daily in courts, legislatures and communities to defend and preserve the individual rights […]

The AP is clueless

What’s wrong with this headline? Pakistan to Send al-Qaida Suspect to U.S. He’s not a suspect. Abu Farraj al-Libbi IS and Al-Queda member. Period. Get it right, AP. We all know that you and your leftist palls think it is made up. Buy a clue.

The Cotillion

I apologize to some of my favorite bloggers for being so late mentioning this, but the Cotillion is in full swing. What is it, you ask? First and foremost, it is a celebration of the diverse voice that is the conservative woman. Not just one person can speak for us, and no one person should […]

American Flag Bidness

Temujin from West Coast Chaos, which is actually one of my long time reads and blogrolls, and also a member of the American Flag League, has recommended that the roll be in alphabetical order, rather then the most recent updated format it is in now. This is actually something I have been considering for awhile […]

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