Daily Archives: June 8, 2005

Screw the Koran

So the radical Muslims whine about that Koran, when, in fact it was their own people who were the culprits. Yet here they go, desecrating one of our cherised national symbols, the American Flag. (h/t Michelle Malkin) A group of American Muslims produced a video that shows its members on a city street corner declaring […]

WTW: Ca Terrorists

Well, Teach called in, don’t know where the hell he is, though there was something about planks, one pistol, and Congress Critters in the background, but he wanted me to mention those nutballs from Lodi, California, who were arrested for terrorism, but wanted me to wait for some of the Leftie nutjob sites to get […]

Kerry and the Downing Street Memo

It’s amazing the fascination with that failed (and rented) presidential candidate, John Kerry. Down here in the South, he would be called white trash, and damn straight his wife would be a contender for white trash woman of the year. The guy is good for some cheap and deserved shots though. And, I’m a wonderin […]

WTW: Kerry signed and released

Hey, y’all, this is Jebediah. Teach left the keys. Now, about this Kerry critter signing his 180’s, he has apparently done that, and submitted them, and released the info (h/t to Poliblog for the story link). Senator John F. Kerry, ending at least two years of refusal, has waived privacy restrictions and authorized the release […]

American Flag Bidness

We have some more wonderful folks joining the American Flag League. Give a big hello to: This Space For Rent Crosses aCross America Welcome aboard, Maties!!! Update: We have ourselves another fine member, Aaron’s CC: Welcome aboard, Matie!

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