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Speaking of boobies Now that is what I call patriotism. And, because I need to ease up a bit today. Moonbats have really ticked me off. This is how I picture Sadie:

Kos Screams Past Moonbat

Professor Shackleford has a post up about the Daily Kos, and my "raving moonbats" category doesn’t even begin to cover what Markos Zunigas has stated this time: Of course, none of that has happened. The torture that was so bad under Saddam, is equally bad under U.S. command. And Dick Durbin had the balls to […]

American Flag Bidness

Everyone give a big hand to the newest member of the American Flag League, Down For Repairs. Welcome aboard, Matie!

Stop the ACLU wackjobs!

Todays blogburst subject is the ACLU’s attempts to Legalize The Distribution And Possession Of Child Pornography. Check out Stop The ACLU for the full story. I’m going to take a slightly different tact based on a story I picked up on on Monday: Citing free speech and interstate commerce violations, a broadly-based group of Utah […]

Dear Walter B. Jones

From: William Teach Dear Congressman Jones,   I have this intense thought that you are 1. planning on retiring, or 2. have forgotten that you are a Republican Congressman who, BTW, represents the County of Onslow, home to Jacksonville, NC, which is home to Camp Lejune. Based on your web page and it’s page on Onslow, […]

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