Daily Archives: June 24, 2005

Kerry’s on the Rove issue: move on, nothing to see

Apparently, former rented presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate John F’ing Kerry found the Senate floor the other day. Was it to talk about the Downing Street Memo’s like he said? Nope. How about condemning Durbin? Nope. It was to whine about Karl Rove. But hey, guess what? “Karl Rove doesn’t owe me an apology, he doesn’t […]

Bomb that Mosque!

Islamics are at it again: Dozens of small homemade bombs exploded on Friday near a mosque in central Bangladesh belonging to the Ahmadiya Muslim minority, police said. But not by non-Islamics: Earlier this month, New York based Human Rights Watch released a report accusing the Khatme Nabuwat umbrella group of Sunni Muslim extremists and its […]

What Pisses Me Off?

This is certainly one of the things. I hate these things: Especially the ones that go off right after you’ve sat down, and spray your ass. Dont’cha just hate that? What pisses you off? Created by ptocheia Found via Beth, who rocks!

American Flag Bidness

And, while I am at it, I want to introduce another fine blogger to the American Flag League. Give a big shout out to Conservative Thinking. Welcome aboard, matie!

Roves Conspiracy?

Chris Short, cross posting over at The Jawa Report, has an interesting thought: Does anyone here think that Rove might have made his comments the other night so soon after Durbin’s inflammatory comments to prove how hypocritical liberals are? Could be. I’m positive that Rove knows what kind of effect he has on the Lefties, […]

Any Oldy But Goody

This one has been around the block, but, hey, it’s sorta relevant Woops, the original was too big. Sawwry

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