Daily Archives: June 15, 2005

Things I sorta remember doing

Red are things that I sorta remember doing through the haze of tequila (Via Pusillanimous Wankers.)

Air Deadbeat really does suck

Forgive my interruption of Jebediah on this White Trash Wednesday, but, had to jump in. Usually, I will listen to Sean Hannity when I am working in my office in the pm, but today the stream is having issues. So, I said, "what the hell, I’ll listen to Randi Rhodes for a lark." And, I […]

Australian Hostage Freed by Iraqi Troops

That’s good news. Here’s a little snippet: Australian Douglas Wood, taken hostage six weeks ago in Iraq, has been freed in a military operation, Australia’s prime minister says. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, speaking in a TV interview, said Wood was said to be in good physical shape but mentally exhausted. "An Iraqi military unit managed […]

I agree with McCain (urp)

Now, now, y’all bear with me for a moment now, ya hear? Alleged prisoner abuse at the Guantanamo military prison has created an "image problem" for the United States that can be fixed only by trying or releasing inmates, Senator John McCain said. "On the issue of Guantanamo Bay … there’s no doubt that there […]

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