Daily Archives: June 17, 2005


If anyone has sent me anything by email today, send it again. MacAfee fragged it. And I have just fragged MacAfee. Sunabeetch program (internet security suite 2005) was taking up most of my resources on my pc’s, so I went and got Norton Internet Security. Much better.

American Flag Bidness

Let’s all give a warm hand to bRight & Early, another fine upstanding member of the American Flag League. Welcome aboard, Matie!

Club Gitmo

Have y’all seen this stuff from Rush Limbaugh, or am I the last friggin’ person? Actually, speaking of Jihad, this one is perfect. And, yes, a photo shop will be coming later 😉 Think Rush will accept it?

More on Walter B Jones

Let’s start with his letter written by Walter B. Jones: There has been considerable coverage of my position on America’s presence in Iraq. I want to make it crystal clear that I am not in favor of any immediate withdrawal nor do I support setting an end date at which time all troops must be […]

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