Daily Archives: June 25, 2005

Huffington Post loves Cheney

There was a pretty good contraversy going on regarding the Huffington Posts story on Cheney maybe going to a hospital in Denver, and the moonbats going loon in the comments, some going as far as to wish death on the VP. (h/t to Chris Short posting at The Jawa Report. sorry, TB down) They are […]

I’ll Say The “T” Word

There is a word that folks keep hinting at, in regards to the extreme left. Folks have written it in their blogs, and I have seen it on forums, but it is more of a passing thought, rather then a forceful one. The MSM’s won’t touch it. But, I will. TREASON Yes, that’s right, Treason. […]

Where’s The Outrage?

Several good one’s today, starting with this story: Intelligence agents have arrested four Islamic militants and foiled a bid by them to carry out a suicide attack on a mosque in eastern Pakistan, a security official said on Saturday. and then this one: Three mosques of the minority Ahmadiya community were bombed by unidentified persons […]

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