Huffington Post loves Cheney

There was a pretty good contraversy going on regarding the Huffington Posts story on Cheney maybe going to a hospital in Denver, and the moonbats going loon in the comments, some going as far as to wish death on the VP. (h/t to Chris Short posting at The Jawa Report. sorry, TB down) They are such nice people. Well, the main hotlinker herself has decided, probably after getting caught by the right of center blogosphere, that the comments were just wrong. But Michelle Malkin and the California Conservative have some marked.

Now, before some goes "well, I get evil comments, too," take a look at THP’s comment policy:

Thank you for commenting on The Huffington Post. We read each comment when it is submitted, so there may be a delay before your comment appears.

Nuff said? Plus, she still hasn’t linked me or snarked me for sending in daily tips about THP hotlinking photo’s. That’s just rude.

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One Response to “Huffington Post loves Cheney”

  1. Housewife says:

    Conservative Thinking also has it all laid out in black and white at his place!

    Have a great day. Love the new Sunday pin up, you always have the coolest graphics and writing content always speaks volumes. Thanks for being here.

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