Daily Archives: June 23, 2005

Supreme Court Screws Homeowners

The AP almost gets this headline right: Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes. Though it could have read "Screw Homeowners" in Kelo v. New London. Cities may bulldoze people’s homes to make way for shopping malls or other private development, a divided Supreme Court ruled Thursday, giving local governments broad power to seize private […]

Religion of Peace(?) update

From the Financial Times: A series of car bombs targeting Shia neighborhoods in Baghdad killed 40 people late Wednesday and early Thursday, while a Sunni politician was assassinated in an apparent attempt to discourage leaders of Iraq’s former ruling minority from participating in the political process. One of the bombs detonated outside a Shia mosque, […]

Stop the ACLU wackjobs!

This may get a little bit wonky, since, as Jebediah stated last night, I don’t, at this time, support a Constitutional Amendment to ban the burning of the Flag. Go to my previous post to see why. But the ACLU is against the Amendment, as well. Go figure. The thing is, we are against this […]

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