Daily Archives: June 28, 2005

Rumor are Serious?

Serious allegations and proof of widespread fraud, money laundering, sexual abuse (including of children), drugs, obstruction of justice, kickbacks and payoffs, etc, are apparently not good enough for the UN. But, HEY!, some rumors are "sufficiently serious to merit an official inquiry." (via the Drudge Report) The UN has learned of "very, very serious" allegations […]

Quran Desecration?

Will the DU’ers and other lefty kool aide drinkers even make it through the first sentence? MOSCOW – A Muslim cleric formerly held at Guantanamo Bay prison said Tuesday that U.S. guards there regularly desecrated the Quran by putting it into a toilet, although he added he never witnessed it himself. Hmmm. Where’s the story […]

Inside the Mind of a Terrorist(?)

Time Magazine does something newsworthy for a change, and gives us an inside look at the mind of an Iraqi terrorist: One day soon, this somber young man plans to offer up a final prayer and then blow himself up along with as many U.S. or Iraqi soldiers as he can reach. Marwan Abu Ubeida […]

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