Daily Archives: June 20, 2005

This will be strange

Here’s the thing. I was watching Fox and Friends this am, and they had a female Democratic Congress Critter on. Unfortunately, I forgot her name (she is a Dem, after all), and I do not have a transcript yet, but hopefully Fox News will be kind enough to post it on their site or email […]

More Pseudo-Scientific BS

Can you believe this? The clamps are coming down on released sex offenders like never before. But some experts wonder sex offenders are being pushed so far to the fringes that they could actually become more dangerous to society. Some researchers and treatment providers say that sex offenders are finding it harder to maintain homes […]

Daily Kos: what goes on at moonbat stays at moonbat

On the heels of Marcos Zunigas not only taking Durbin’s side, but going beyond moonbat on it, Kos writer Armando does him one better. First, we get a snippet of what starts him on his rant (but, then aren’t most posts there rants?) "By voting for or against the censure, the rest of the members […]

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