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Reciprical Trackbacks

Here is an interesting article from the Commissar regarding trackbacks, ran across it while persuing the Showcase. For me, being in the top 1000 is pretty nice. With the whole issue with the TTLB Ecosystem database, I lost about 100 or so links, including 17 well earned links for the Guardian Story, which I actually […]

Website to See!

Y’all have got to see this site: Famous Idiot. Some good stuff, such as Teresa calling Kerry and idiot.

The Intel Reform Bill is Good

Jeremy of American Warmonger has said that the doors will close if someone doesn’t blog something good on S. 2845, which John Kerry did vote for. See this post. We don’t want the doors closing, so, here goes. This is a good thing. Folks seemed to be expecting some vast, all inclusive, Bill, but, since […]

blogrolling test

just want to see if the update works without a manual ping.

Work That Mall

One of the things I love about working in the mall now is that I get to see all the great stuff. Like all those girlie man adds for clothes and perfume cologne. You know what? ‘Taint going to get me to buy that stuff. You want me to buy some of those clothes or […]

A Moosemas Story

Perhaps I should have a new catagory, entitled Holy Crap! The following pictures are of a moose that went through a woman’s windshield near South River, Ontario (Canada, of course, hoser). The woman came away with a broken wrist and in need of a good bath. And clean underwear. You have to wonder how she […]

Charlie Daniels Weighs Anchor

Yes, that Charlie Daniels. Devil Went Down to Georgia and The Souths Gonna Do It Again. Fiddles and Southern Rock. And one hell of a writer and a man of convictions. Also, a devout Christian. Everything the DU folks hate. Mr. Daniels takes on the supposed issues at Gitmo, Camp X-Ray. He and his band […]

Good For Sailing John

John Kerry has a 100% attendance vote record since losing his bid for the Presidency. Good for him. He even voted for S.2845, Conference Report: National Intelligence Reform Act of 2004. How long will he keep it up? Nice to know that he is voting with President Bush on this. Will he vote "Yeh" today?

First Amendment Stuff

From CNN Entertainment comes a story on First Amendment movies: If you don’t think the First Amendment is a burning issue, you’ve already forgotten the ruckus over "Saving Private Ryan" just three weeks ago. Spooked by how the Feds might punish them, 66 ABC affiliates played safe by squelching that acclaimed war film. Their excuse […]

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