Daily Archives: December 10, 2004

Almost at 10,000

Who will it be? I have no clue how to figure that out, probably be a Google search. I will admit that I got an enormous amount of traffic from the Guardian article, but, hey! I lost all those links during the TTLB issues, so, I am entitled. 10,000! As best as I can figure […]

Yushchenko in the Hospital

From the BBC: Ukraine’s opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko has gone into hospital in Austria for tests into the mystery illness that disfigured his face. Doctors will spend the weekend examining him to assess whether his illness was caused by poisoning. Mr Yushchenko was taken ill in September and resumed his presidential campaign with a pock-marked […]

Fear of Doctors

From WRAL: A study released by the University of Nebraska Medical Center shows an average of 42 percent of clinic appointments are no-shows. But forgetfulness isn’t the reason; instead, the study shows that fear keeps patients away. "There’s a fear of what they might hear, and there’s a fear of what might happen," said researcher […]

Having Fun With That New Camera Phone?

You might want to be careful about what photo’s you take. Camera phones may make great Christmas gifts, but people better not use them for peeping-Tom photos on federal property. In one of its last moves of the year, Congress passed a bill that would levy heavy fines and prison time for anyone who sneaks […]

What’s Your Point, Grey Lady?

From the New York Times (reg req’d), comes a long, bloviating article on Bernard Kerik’s involvement with several security and armament corporations, making him tons of money. What is the point of the article? Just five years ago, Bernard B. Kerik was facing lawsuits from a condominium association and bank over delinquent payments owed on […]

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