Daily Archives: December 12, 2004

Justice Through Music-Reward Now $200K

I mention this in my previous post, but, deserves to stand on it’s own. Justice Through Music has upped the ante from $100K to at least a $200,000 reward to anyone that can provide proof that will change the outcome of the election. I first wrote about this exactly one month ago, and their are […]

Where’s Da Proof?

For those that read the Raleigh News and Observer on Sundays, they know that the N&O tends to pick a particular topic for their Opinion pages. This week, it was on the Internet and Weblogs. Not much to it, didn’t really say much. But, along those lines, there is an article regarding fraud in the […]

A Dangerous Inquisition

Regarding Saddam’s ilegal trade and the Oil For Food scandal: With Republican-led congressional committees investigating allegations of oil-for-food corruption, some Democrats are pressing for answers about why the United States did little to stop the smuggling. The issue is part of a series of broader questions these lawmakers have about what U.S. officials knew about […]

Good News From the ME

From the USA Today: Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas apologized to Kuwaitis on Sunday for the Palestinians’ support of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, making a gesture many here have long demanded as he launched a tour to repair relations with Arab nations. Why is this good news? Kuwait is […]

Yushchenko Poisoning Case Reopened

The Ukrainian Police will be reopening the investigation into the possiblility of Yushchenko being criminally poisoned.  More good news for the Opposition:     The most recent opinion poll has put the opposition leader 10 percentage points ahead of his rival, Viktor Yanukovych.

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