Daily Archives: December 16, 2004

The Sky is Clearing, and cooperating.

First, we have The ultra left Washington Monthly writing good things about W’s Clear Skies Initiative. Gasp! (hat tip to Slant Point) It is hard to find a leading environmental advocate who has not denounced Clear Skies, the Bush administration’s bill to reduce power-plant pollution. Clear Skies headed the Kerry campaign’s list of “The Bush/Cheney […]

UN? It’s Kojo Calling

I will admit, this is a little slim, but, hey, so was the information on the Oil For Food Scandal when it first started coming out. Documents seen by FOX News suggest a conflict of interest may exist between Kofi Annan’s son, the Swiss company he worked for and the United Nations. Kojo Annan, the […]

Bethlehem of Judea

A little child, A shining star. A stable rude, The door ajar. Yet in that place, So crude, folorn, The Hope of all The world was born. Author Unknown

It’s Barney Time!

Not this Barney: _________________________________________________________________ This Barney: Yes, Barney the White House dog has his own official government website. Check out the video’s, middle right, particularly "Where is Miss Beazley?" I cannot wait to see how this sets the DU off. Make them scream Download deanfreaks.mp3 Linking to the OTB Traffic Jam. Sorry for a 2nd […]

Classic Moonbat

And one that hasn’t even bothered to do his research. Let’s look at the headline: Canada Goes To Hell Legal pot? Legal gay marriage? Universal health care? What’s next, free porn and candy? Avast, Mr. Morford, Canada already has a universal health care system. Interesting headline regarding Canada supposedly about to legalize gay marriage. Because […]

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