Daily Archives: December 21, 2004

At Least Minnesota Fixed the Name

It’s official. Kerry has lost one electoral vote in Minnesota. Guess it cannot be fixed. Blimey!

Right and Left Can Agree, Now and Then

When it comes to this, from Pusillanimous Wanker, a Democrat and a Republican can agree. Even though it does come way of Atrios, I still agree. (original story here) ATLANTA — A federal judge on Monday denied an appeal for reinstatement by a University of Georgia cheerleading coach accused of mingling religion with team activities. […]

Teen Drug Use Drops: Blame Bush!

I thought that everything was bad under Bush? Or so liberals want us to believe. So, I guess this would be bad, then (registration required): Youth smoking and drug abuse declined again this year, concludes a federal study that also found marked progress over the last decade in persuading teens to avoid cigarettes and illicit […]

This Has Got to Be GOP FRAUD!

First, we had a Minnesotta Elector casting one of his votes for "Ewards." Yes, that is spelled correctly, according to the article. Now, we have the State of NY screwing up. Think about Kerry’s middle name. How soon will the Left complain that this is some vast, right wing conspiracy. I wonder what the law […]

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