Teen Drug Use Drops: Blame Bush!

I thought that everything was bad under Bush? Or so liberals want us to believe. So, I guess this would be bad, then (registration required):

Youth smoking and drug abuse declined again this year, concludes a federal study that also found marked progress over the last decade in persuading teens to avoid cigarettes and illicit substances.

The smoking rate among younger teens is half what it was in the mid-1990s, and drug use by that group is down by one-third, says the University of Michigan study, done for the National Institute on Drug Abuse and released Tuesday. Less dramatic strides have been made among older teens.

Bush administration officials cited the study as a sign of progress in reducing teen drug abuse. There are now 600,000 fewer teens using drugs than there were in 2001.

So, if Bush is to blame for every minor thing that goes wrong, will he get the credit for a positive story like this? It is rather encouraging news. Drug use, which spiraled upwards during the 80’s through the mid 90’s is decreasing. Maybe there is something to be said for the idiotic clothing that kids are wearing these days. Now, to work on decreasing the use of inhalents by teens.

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2 Responses to “Teen Drug Use Drops: Blame Bush!”

  1. rax says:

    Oh, they get around to… at least in a backhanded way.

    A little further down a MADD spokesperson cites that the “beer, wine and liquor industries” contributed about 60% of their money to Republican candidates. Oh and teens are using “a broader array of illegal substances with more frequency”.

    Take it for what it’s worth, frankly if I were spending $1 billion annually I’d try to justify it anyway I could. Damned lies and statistics. Personally, I think a little more attention from the parents couldn’t hurt.

  2. I don’t blame Bush for “every little thing”. I blame him for big stuff, like a $500 billion deficit, and starting an uneccessary war.

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