This Has Got to Be GOP FRAUD!

First, we had a Minnesotta Elector casting one of his votes for "Ewards." Yes, that is spelled correctly, according to the article. Now, we have the State of NY screwing up.

Think about Kerry’s middle name. How soon will the Left complain that this is some vast, right wing conspiracy. I wonder what the law says about this. Since they gave the Electoral votes to someone else, even if Kerry manages to steal Ohio, he would have lost all the NY State votes. Yeah, I know, a stretch. Blame Bush! (big hat tip to the Pirate’s Blog. Check out the comment someone left at me bucko’s site. Gore reference?)

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One Response to “This Has Got to Be GOP FRAUD!”

  1. Ogre says:

    Is it just coincidence that “Loser” starts with “L”?

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