Daily Archives: December 23, 2004

Good from Bad

What kind of people could shoot a puppy and leave it for dead? Bad people. Fortunately, there are good people in the world: Emmie Lou, a beagle mix who was paralyzed in the hind legs after the shooting, was taken to the Animal Rehabilitation and Wellness Hospital Wednesday to be fitted for a new makeshift […]

Stealing The Dems Playbook

Based on the official Electoral Ballot submissions, including the screwups in Minnesota and New York, I make it Bush 286, John F Kerry 220, John L Kerry 31, and John Edwards 1. I wonder, if we steal a page out of the Dem playbook, and say it enough, will it stick?

Something I don’t agree with

Lefties always want to ask me if there is something I disagree with Bush on. Well, sure there are. We are 2 different people. While I agree with much of what Bush does, or at least underestand it, I rarely agree with his environmental policies, and this is no different: Managers of the nation’s 155 […]

The New, Redone, Will They Buy It Manifesto

By way of ISOU from TCF comes the Democratic Da Vinci Code. It makes more sense then the pre-election platform "Anybody but Bush," and the post election "no honor among thieves" and "blame everyone else." Ok, enough snarkiness. Will it fly? I see several problems with the Manifesto. First, the class warfare thing hasn’t worked […]

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