Daily Archives: December 30, 2004

Take That, AP!

From the Washington Times: Six Navy SEALs filed a lawsuit against the Associated Press and one of its reporters yesterday, saying the news organization revealed their identities, compromised their security and invaded their privacy by publishing personal photographs in a Dec. 4 story. The complaint says AP reporter Seth Hettena used about 40 images from […]

Thanks, Kofi

I’m glad Kofi could take time out of his trip to Colorado to make a statement. He apparently got pissy with a FoxNews reporter who asked him why it took so long (courtesty of watching the station earlier.) He responded that just because he hadn’t made a statement, that did not mean he hadn’t been […]

Havin’ Fun Now

So, along with a buttload of other folks, Continental Airlines has lost one of my bags. Freakin’ super. Along with clother, the sucker had my wireless router and both my network cables. Started searching, found my old USB cable to connect to the cable modem. Took a bit of doing. Also, the chargers for my […]

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