Daily Archives: December 4, 2004

How to Talk to A Bush Voter

Interesting article at the DU. They always give good copy. Would be interesting to know if any of them are listening. Jason Bradfield makes some good points, which I do not hate to admit. It is something I have said for a long time. We are all Americans. We may not always agree, and lately […]

Rambo for Homeland Security

Seriously. The BBC’s link to a profile on Bernard Kerik is entitled "Bush’s New Rambo." That title aside, it is a rather good, and impartial, profile on Mr. Kerik. What it comes down to is that Kerik is a great choice for the position. As a former top cop, and one who has won the […]

Bush in Canada

Looks like President (re-elected) Bush’s trip to Canada wasn’t all about mending fences, and telling the Canadians to get their butts in gear. When George W. Bush this week made the first official U.S. presidential visit to Ottawa in a decade, most news reports portrayed it as a fence-mending, bond-strengthening mission to the Canadian capital […]

More on ‘Roiding

Interesting arcticle (opinion) from Jason Stark at ESPN. Let’s put this mess in a little perspective. This isn’t the Black Sox. This isn’t The Strike that Ate the World Series. In many ways, in fact, this probably isn’t even as scandalous as the late, great Collusion Fiasco back in the 1980s. But now that we’ve […]


I would like to thank all the wonderful people I have seen in person the past few days, at least one of whom is attempting to give me their cold. I know it isn’t the flu, as I am not coughing my brains out, like usually happens, nor is the world coming to me through […]

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