Daily Archives: December 8, 2004

Villainous Company

Cassandra is back! I was bummed when she left I Love Jet Noise, which was one of my favorites stricktly due to Cass. Was surfing using Blog Explosion, and ran across Cao’s Blog, and there was a post about Cass blogging again at Vallainous Company. Immediately blog rolled. Welcome back, Cass!

Here’s a new one

Did ye know that caffeine can cause muscle tremors around the eyes? Me neither. For the last few days I have had some late evening issues with muscle tremors under my right eye. Just figured it was a dirty contact lens. Nope. Have to lay off caffeine for awhile. That is worse then no internet! […]

Dan’s New Job

Dan will be traveling from Florida to the Heartland to the West Coast in search of the Truth A Precision Guided Humor Assignment

Ye Olde 2002 NC Ice Storm

Jeremy at American Warmonger was discussing You Might Be a Geek 001, and part of the discussion was about email, which brought about a comment from moi regarding the Ice Storm of 2002 (has to be capitalized) where had no email, no internet, no access. Oh, and no power. Well, Avast! This weekend is the […]

Pirate's Cove