Daily Archives: December 2, 2004

Skip Hotlz for ECU Coach

Courtesy of Jeff Quinton at Fanblogs (he is also Backcountry Conservative), looks like Skip Holtz will be announced as the new East Carolina Pirate’s head football coach. Welcome to Dowdy-Ficklin etc stadium, Skip! Bring us back to respect. More here from the Raleigh News and Disturber Observer, who I would like to thank for not […]

NHL and Union To Talk

Well, the proof will be in the pudding. Umm, pudding. The NHL and the players’ association will resume talks next week in an effort to end the 78-day lockout and save the season. After nearly three months of silence on and off the ice, the sides agreed Thursday to meet in Toronto on Dec. 9. […]

2004 Weblog Awards

Voting has begun for most of the categories for the 2004 Weblog Awards, courtesy of Wizbang. Vote early and often. Yes, I just went there. Just kidding. I voted once on a work PC today, and will not vote till tommorrow, even though could do it from home. Scouts Honor. Some of my favorites are […]

Aggressive Drivers Beware!

The NC General Assembly has a new law targetting aggressive drivers: It said an aggressive driver "drives carelessly and heedlessly in willful or wanton disregard of the rights or safety of others." So how does the General Assembly define that statement? First, authorities must catch the aggressive driver speeding. Second, police must also determine that […]

Giambi ‘Roiding

To stay with the sports theme for a first post this am, Jeremy  Giambi has admitted that he used steroids. Lots of them. New York Yankees slugger Jason Giambi injected himself with human growth hormone in 2003 and also used steroids for at least three seasons, according to his grand jury testimony reviewed by the […]

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