2004 Weblog Awards

Voting has begun for most of the categories for the 2004 Weblog Awards, courtesy of Wizbang. Vote early and often. Yes, I just went there. Just kidding. I voted once on a work PC today, and will not vote till tommorrow, even though could do it from home. Scouts Honor.

Some of my favorites are on there, such as Little Miss Attila for Best Design and American Warmonger for Best Essayist. Also, the Captains Quarters, Right Wing News, Tim Blair, Powerlineblog, and many others (sorry if I didn’t mention a few by name, trying to post quickly at the end of lunch, do not even have time to incorporate links. Maybe later) Kinda disappointed that Crush Kerry isn’t on there for Best New Blog

Update: Finally found a free minute to say that Ogre’s Politics and Views was nominated as well, Best of the Top 500-1000 Blogs.

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