Daily Archives: December 1, 2004

Hockey? You Remember Hockey, Don’t You?

From The Fourth Period: NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday that he isn’t worried he might become the first commissioner of a pro sport to lose an entire season to a labor dispute, reports the South-Florida Sun-Sentinel. His focus, Bettman said, is ensuring a new economic system. He hasn’t set a date by which the […]

Danny Ford to East Carolina U?

Jeff Quinton at Back Country Conservative sent me an email with some links regarding Danny Ford possibly taking the head coaching job for the East Carolina Pirates. For those that do not know, that is where I went to college, and where the blog name comes from. The Pirates need a coach with big game […]

A Chance for the UN?

I get the feeling that the BBC just doesn’t care for the UN. If the report of the high-level panel on reform of the UN is followed up with action, the United Nations might be saved. It is a big if. (emphasis mine) The report has recommended a historic shift away from the principle of […]

Christmas Removed

Macy’s boycotted: Immortalized in a 1947 Christmas movie classic, Macy’s is now the focus of a boycott campaign protesting the department-store chain’s replacement of "Merry Christmas" with politically correct greetings. A group called the Committee to Save Merry Christmas says Macy’s and its umbrella Federated Department Stores have ignored several requests that "Merry Christmas" signs […]

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