Hockey? You Remember Hockey, Don’t You?

From The Fourth Period:

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said Tuesday that he isn’t worried he
might become the first commissioner of a pro sport to lose an entire
season to a labor dispute, reports the South-Florida Sun-Sentinel.

His focus, Bettman said,
is ensuring a new economic system. He hasn’t set a date by which the
league’s player lockout must end to salvage any of the 2004-05 season.

"The important priority
is fixing this game so that we have 30 healthy, competitive franchises
with affordable ticket prices," Bettman told the paper. "That’s the
objective. Everything else is secondary."

The NHL 2005 All-Star Game is already cancelled. The NHL Draft will be canceled if there is no season. And, if there is no season, there may be no NHL. The hard core fans, like myself, may come back. The average fan might not. Especially if their team folds. I do not think I would be able to root for the Carolina Hurricanes if the NJ Devils fold, as I do not think that the ‘Canes would be around either.


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2 Responses to “Hockey? You Remember Hockey, Don’t You?”

  1. Ogre says:

    Unions suck. I wouldn’t mind seeing the NHL go away. I know that if it does, some other enterprising individual will create a new league, as long as there’s demand. And if they’re smart, they’ll make a league with no player’s union.

  2. Forget hockey. And soccer, too. I can’t stand any game that has a very real chance of ending in a zero – zero tie.

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