Danny Ford to East Carolina U?

Jeff Quinton at Back Country Conservative sent me an email with some links regarding Danny Ford possibly taking the head coaching job for the East Carolina Pirates. For those that do not know, that is where I went to college, and where the blog name comes from.

The Pirates need a coach with big game experience, someone who can take them to the next level. They made a huge mistake letting Steve Logan go, in my opinion, and many of the fans opinions. Ford could bring some respectability back to a program that has won 3 games in the past 2 seasons, 2 of them against Army (no offense, but they aren’t that good). More here (Fanblogs is pretty great, glad Jeff directed me to it).

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4 Responses to “Danny Ford to East Carolina U?”

  1. One and the same.

  2. Hope he’s . . . um . . . improved

  3. Lou Holtz says:

    He is the only Arkanas coach to win the SEC West Championship! Nutt wishes he could match that…

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