Daily Archives: December 22, 2004

A great blog cruising method

A quick, simple way to peruse those on your blogroll is to go to Blogrolling, and, from the "home" menu, also know as Mission Control, choose the sidebar link. Very simple way to hit all the folks on your blogroll. This will probably not allow you to show up as coming from your blog, but, […]

This is Exactly What the Terrorists Want

From BBC Business: A US company has pulled out of a major contract to rebuild Iraq’s transport system after attacks on reconstruction efforts, Pentagon officials have said. Contrack International, of Arlington, Virginia, heads a coalition of firms working on a series of schemes. Its withdrawal from the $325m (£170m) contract in November is thought to […]

Wither the Blue

Seems as if the Blue states are quickly losing their populations, as folks move to Red States. I heard this during one of the very rare occasions I am out and about and able to listen to Rush, but, I still want to give Matt Margolis of Blogs for Bush the hat tip, since he […]

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