A Chance for the UN?

I get the feeling that the BBC just doesn’t care for the UN.

If the report of the high-level panel on reform of the UN is followed up with action, the
United Nations might be saved.

It is a big if. (emphasis mine)

The report has recommended a historic shift away from
the principle of non-intervention in the internal affairs of a member
state unless it was about to or had attacked another.

It has proposed the principle that if governments fail
in their "responsibility to protect" their citizens, then the UN has a
duty and a right to intervene.

We have a "world body" whose member states include criminals, thugs, petty thieves, dictators, serious human rights violate rs, drug lords, and so on. There are a few good member states, of course. Yet, we end up with China on the Committee Against Torture, and the Human Rights Commission.

Taken together, the report of the 16-strong panel
addresses the two big problems facing the UN as an organization – its
relevance and its structure.

Relevance? None, except for illegal activity. Structure? At least the Cosa Nostra has some operating rules.

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