How to Talk to A Bush Voter

Interesting article at the DU. They always give good copy. Would be interesting to know if any of them are listening. Jason Bradfield makes some good points, which I do not hate to admit. It is something I have said for a long time. We are all Americans. We may not always agree, and lately seem to almost always disagree, but we, for the most part, want what is best for the USA.

At this point in time we need to talk to Bush voters not to convince them of the rightness or our cause or the wisdom of our policies, but to find common ground and point out inconsistencies in the Bush agenda.

Let’s leave the first part out, and look at finding common ground. There is a possibility for that. It starts with both sides dropping the language of abuse. You will not get me, or any other W supporter to listen when you call us rednecks, Bushlerites, scumbags, lemmings, and so on. The standard DU talking points will cause a Conservative to tune you out in a microsecond. Do not talk to us as if we were brain washed, and Nazi’s. Won’t fly.

Inconsistencies. Well, W is a politician, and this is the Federal government we are talking about. All politicians have some inconsistencies. Progressives need to admit that Kerry was a walking inconsistency. Most Conservatives I know and read are not happy with at least 2 things about Bush: immigration and size of government. I am not happy with those 2, either, and detest his environmental policies. But, is anyone completely happy with everything any Federally elected official does? No.

It is a pretty good article by Mr. Bradfield, though I do not agree with it all. For the most part, I do not agree with social programs unless they are done to help people get back on their feet, or better themselves. Workfare, not Welfare. Throwing money at problems doesn’t necessarily fix, nor stop, a problem. International business is what it is, and has been, including under Clinton. The Feds should be involved to level the playing field with other countries, not to stop American companies from doing trade. I do not agree with those type of restrictive policies, but, that is another discussion.

Understand how progressive policies can address some of the concerns
of Bush voters and explain that to them. Whatever you do don’t just
dismiss conservatives as "JesusLand" freaks with whom it is impossible to communicate. That attitude will get us nowhere. More importantly,
never compromise on your progressive ideals. Nobody respects someone who will not stand up for his or her values. Never surrender on the ideals that have guided progressives to our triumphant victories over slavery, robber barons, disenfranchisement of women, fascism, segregation, and anti-choice laws.
Our progressive values are not an obstacle to talking with conservatives, they are the foundation that will help conservatives understand us and ultimately respect us.

We do not have to agree. What we do need to do is converse in a way that we haven’t in quite some time, and show respect. If you haven’t noticed, I have tried to cut back on the highly charged partisan rhetoric as of late. Perhaps it has lost me some readers. So be it. The election is over. We need to move forward, not backwards, and find a way to be Americans again. That starts with discussion on a respectful basis. For instance, I truly enjoy discussions and what Charlie writes at Pusillanimous Wanker II. We may not always agree, and discussion can get rough. But, the discussion is on a respectful basis.


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3 Responses to “How to Talk to A Bush Voter”

  1. ThaSickness says:

    God, if I hear a lib refer to themselves as “progressive” one more time, I’m gonna friggin’ puke! The only TRUE progressive president there ever was is Teddy Roosevelt. He helped launch America from just a regular county into a military and economical superpower.

  2. Thanks for the plug, Teach.

  3. Patty-Jo says:

    I like PW too.
    Just because I don’t agree with someone doesn’t mean I think they are stupid. And it doesn’t mean that I’m stupid either. It means we each see things with our own eyes, and translate what we see with our own hearts.

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