Take That, AP!

From the Washington Times:

Six Navy SEALs filed a lawsuit against the Associated Press and one of its reporters yesterday, saying the news organization revealed their identities, compromised their security and invaded their privacy by publishing personal photographs in a Dec. 4 story.

The complaint says AP reporter Seth Hettena used about 40 images from the personal photo-storage Web site of a Navy SEAL wife. The AP published nine of the photos, which show the SEAL team capturing members of Saddam Hussein’s loyalist forces.

Definitely read the rest of the story. It is the kind that I just would really like to post the entire thing. One little excerpt doesn’t do it justice, nor does throwing my own commentary. Though I think this says it all about today’s MSM’s:

"The SEAL photos had obscured the faces of the insurgents. But when the AP published them, they did not bother to obscure the faces of the SEALs. They did not give the Americans the same respect as the insurgents. It’s inexcusable and unprofessional," Mr. Hutton said.

‘Nuff said?

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