Recounts: Not Just For Conspiracy Nuts

Here is a site that is almost as fun as the Democratic Underground. The Free Press is replete with conspiracy and "it is all the GOP’s fault" articles. Their latest focus’s on exit polls, and why they are so important. Important? I do not think so. It depends on who you ask and who was there. Were there more "anybody but Bush" voters out voting in the early hours on November 2nd? Did more Bush supporters do the early voting gig? Who did the media ask? And does it really matter? The only poll that matters is the data that comes from all the people who voted.

The truth is, it’s not just conspiracy nuts, or bloggers, or even just Democratic supporters of Kerry. It’s a growing number of people who want to know what really happened on Novermber 2nd. It’s teachers, doctors, lawyers, all kinds of people who care about their Democracy just as much as the people in Ukraine do. And a recent survey showed that even without the media coverage, 20% of Americans believe the election was stolen.

And how many of that 20% are Democrats and "ABB’ers?" How many can provide evidence beyond their feelings? Of course, the media is hiding everything. And there cannot have been any Democratic fraud, right, because we know they just do not do stuff like that. See the Washington Governors race.

The data is just that – raw data. By itself it is not obscured by "analysis." The networks can evaluate and analyze it all they want, but they should also give others a chance to look at the same numbers and draw their own conclusions. There is absolutely no precedent or moral ground for withholding this information from the American public. The bottom line is that raw data does not need to be analyzed. Conyers and the American people are not asking for the analysis. We’re asking for the data.

We’re not talking about proprietary trade secrets, or a "secret source" that they’re trying to protect. We’re talking about information about us, the American people who voted on Election Day. It’s like having your doctor refuse to let you see your own medical records.

Actually, in cases data can be withheld. I can tell you with 100% assurance, if you want to see the raw data on your wireless account, such as the notes, be prepared to get a subpoena. You are not even legally entitled to see the computer monitor when you are in the store. It may be about you, but it is legally proprietary.

But, hey, if they want to hang their hats on exit polls and fraud with no evidence, and dwell on this for another 4 years, let them. The New York Times doesn’t even consider this a story. They have moved on. Even Maureen Dowd doesn’t care. And take a peek at the Ohio newspapers and television outlets. Not going to find much about the situation there. The only legs this story has are the ones from the Roswell aliens.

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3 Responses to “Recounts: Not Just For Conspiracy Nuts”

  1. Never Sway says:

    A Liberal Benefit

    While the rest of the world is raising money for the disaster victims of South Asia, with the death toll currently at 125,000, many liberals are busy with their own fund raisers:

    Lawyers and Funding Needed for Ohio Contest and Recount Legal Expenses…

  2. Patty-Jo says:

    Don’t give a rat’s patoot about exit polls, but I’m grinding my teeth here in Washington state, and hoping for a revote. I’d even pay higher taxes for it. If Gregoire really gets to be governer my taxes are gonna be scary anyway!

  3. spydrz says:

    Nothing can be as funny as Democratic Underground. They banned me for simply asking how many points W was going to win Virginia by!!! Crazy ignorant liberals.

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