UN? It’s Kojo Calling

I will admit, this is a little slim, but, hey, so was the information on the Oil For Food Scandal when it first started coming out.

Documents seen by FOX News suggest a conflict of interest may exist between Kofi Annan’s son, the Swiss company he worked for and the United Nations.

Kojo Annan, the son of the U.N. secretary general, claims he has never been involved directly or indirectly with any business related to the United Nations. And Cotecna Inspection S.A., the company Kojo worked for, also maintains that the younger Annan was never asked to deal with the United Nations and that there was never any conflict of interest.

But a Cotecna management fax reviewed by FOX News appears to direct Kojo to get involved with U.N. officials.

The Aug. 28, 1998, fax praises Kojo’s work at a meeting of world leaders in South Africa and adds: "Your work and the contacts established at this meeting should ideally be followed up at the September 98 UN General Assembly in New York."

Slim. And hearsay.

Also, congressional investigators want Kojo to explain a hotel bill for the Holiday Inn Garden Court in Durban, South Africa, in September 1998. His registration card reads: "K Annan, United Nations." That hotel charge was billed to Cotecna as a business expense.

Investigators are also probing Kojo Annan’s phone records. His AT&T calling card was billed to Cotecna as a business expense and shows a series of calls to a number that begins 212-963-XXXX. Nearly all U.N. offices in New York have that same area code and prefix, a coincidence investigators are now studying closely.

Putting on a little weight. He could have been calling Dad. Who has his own issues with involvement with the OFF scandal fiasco. Sometimes, where there’s smoke there is fire. Sometimes not. Maybe the UN would be willing to release some of the documents in it’s possession, instead of stonewalling the investigations.

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2 Responses to “UN? It’s Kojo Calling”

  1. Fair and balanced, Teach. Good for you.

  2. Close. Gotta give Kojo some benefit of the doubt

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