Good News From the ME

From the USA Today:

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas apologized to Kuwaitis on Sunday for
the Palestinians’ support of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein after
the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, making a gesture many here have long
demanded as he launched a tour to repair relations with Arab nations.

Why is this good news? Kuwait is one of the few serious allies that the US has from the Muslim countries in the Middle East. They do not have the terrorism supporting ruling classes like other countries,  such as Saudi Arabi, nor do the have a problem with Kuwaiti’s becoming terrorists, beyond a few malcontents. Literacy is high, including over 80% of the females. While it is a Monarchy, with no real elections, Kuwait is a progressive country, as far as Middle Eastern Islamic countries go. So why is that good? They are a good ole model, excepting the Constitutional Monarchy thing, for the Palestinian people. The Kuwaiti people do not have the anger that many throughout the ME do, especially the Palestinians. Kuwait, being an decent ally in the ME, will help to some degree in any peace talks that the United States is involved in.

I will repeat a long held belief: if you settle much of the animosity between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s, you eliminate much of the reason for anti-US sentiment. Eliminating Saddam and his support for ME terrorism goes a long way towards that goal.

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One Response to “Good News From the ME”

  1. Crystal says:

    I agree with you to a large degree…however in my opinion, as a whole, the Palestinian nation is far more invested in continuing the status quo and continued animosity…my opinion is their national identity is caught up in being warriors/victims of the Zionists…I truly do hope new leadership will address this sick position but I believe at the earliest we are several generations away and highly unlikely in my lifetime…

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