Where’s Da Proof?

For those that read the Raleigh News and Observer on Sundays, they know that the N&O tends to pick a particular topic for their Opinion pages. This week, it was on the Internet and Weblogs. Not much to it, didn’t really say much. But, along those lines, there is an article regarding fraud in the General Election, and being no proof of it.

So far, all we have heard from some on the Left, at least those that have chosen to not move on, is that they feel that there MUST be proof of GOP fraud. No mention of Demorat fraud. Look, folks, improper activities occur on both sides. But there is nothing that proves that there was massive, widespread fraud, and especially not fraud that would change the outcome of the election.

Few credible analysts claim the problems sank to the level of
corruption or fraud as some Internet bloggers claim. And none say for
certain that the problems were significant enough to erase President
Bush’s victory over Sen. John Kerry, especially in the large swing
states of Ohio and Florida on which the outcome hinged.

joint analysis out of California Institute of Technology and the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology found "no evidence that
electronic voting machines were used to steal the election for
President Bush."

The Verified Voting Foundation, a group founded by Stanford University
computer science professor David Dill, tracked more than 38,000 reports
of irregularities but said it had "not seen convincing evidence of
either fraud nor of a major error in the presidential election."

Sure, there were problems with voting machines, and sure, people were probably intimidated. Affects both parties. Having to wait in long lines is not proof of fraud. Nothing that hasn’t occurred before, nor is their proof that anything occurred that could change the election. If there was, why has no one stepped forward to claim the now $200,000 (it was originally $10K)reward from Justice Though Music?

In Ohio:

A statewide recount is to begin this week
as requested and funded by Green and Libertarian presidential
candidates. Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell on Monday
certified Bush as besting Kerry by 118,775 votes, down from an
136,483-vote Election Day margin after provisional and absentee ballots
were counted.

"This was an election where you have some glitches, but none of these
glitches were of a conspiratorial nature, and none of them would
overturn or change the election results," Blackwell said.

Followed by more whining from John Kerry. Will he even show up for the Senate votes at a rate of 50% or better this coming year? Cause he won’t be President.

Florida: no proof of any conspiracies, nor has proof been produced by Beverly Harris, who claims to have found discarded voting machine computer tapes in Volusia County. Nor has UC Berkley, a bastion of Liberalism, produced proof for their allegations of fraud that gave Bush "260,000 extra votes." Bush still would have won Florida.

And my home state of North Carolina had an improperly set and monitored machine. This was in the heavily Republican county of Carteret, and has been rectified. If anything, the folks down there could be calling for Demoratic fraud. But, they stayed adult, and let the system do it’s thing. There will be a full re-vote in the county for Agricultural Commissioner, the only position that this has affected.

No matter what happens, W will still be re-inaugurated in January, 2005. Nothing is going to change that. Continuing to fixate on something that isn’t there will just make the Democratic party to appear petty and out of touch with the middle of the road voters, those who swing elections one way or the other. That’s fine with me. GOP Presidential wins in 2008, 2012, 2016, and so on, as well as  the Congressional races.



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2 Responses to “Where’s Da Proof?”

  1. Jeremy says:

    Are you talking about the massive voter fraud in the REAL elections or the blogger elections?


  2. Fraud in the general elections. I go on political forums, and, after awhile, it becomes a little tedious reading about it. I could understand if a. there was actual proof, and b. that proof would change the outcome. But hasn’t been any, just alot of yap yap.

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