Almost at 10,000

Who will it be? I have no clue how to figure that out, probably be a Google search. I will admit that I got an enormous amount of traffic from the Guardian article, but, hey! I lost all those links during the TTLB issues, so, I am entitled.

10,000! As best as I can figure out, looking at the data from Typepad tracking (Sitemeter is having issues), the person who put me at 10K was either Jeremy at American Warmonger, Patty Jo of Patty Jo, or a visitor from Questions and Observations. I wish I could pin it down more, but difficult to get full stats.

Thanks to everyone who has come by my little Ship on the web.

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3 Responses to “Almost at 10,000”

  1. Editor says:

    Dang… 7 too soon.

  2. I appreciate you coming by, Editor, and helping out.

  3. Editor says:

    Hey, I’m on the blogroll… it’s the least I can do. I’ve got you bloglined, but I should reciprocate the blogroll…


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