The Intel Reform Bill is Good

Jeremy of American Warmonger has said that the doors will close if someone doesn’t blog something good on S. 2845, which John Kerry did vote for. See this post. We don’t want the doors closing, so, here goes.

This is a good thing. Folks seemed to be expecting some vast, all inclusive, Bill, but, since it didn’t do anything about illegal immigration, folks have been putting it into a negative light. Sure, that is important. For the Dems out there, this is one of the things that GOPers disagree with W about. I do. Kerry was just as bad. Does something need to be done? Damm right! But, that will come during the next session, the 109th, I believe it is. No need to say more, this is supposed to be a good post.

S.2845 will centralize the Intelligence business, and, if implemented and administered correctly, will make all the agencies, as Mom always said, "play nice and share." There is to much antagonism and competition in the government, and in the Intelligence community. That is fine for the NFL: it is not fine for the people who are in charge of the nations security. To break it down, let’s visit the BBC, who seem to be putting S.2845 in a good light:

In effect, a single individual will be put in charge of co-ordinating the
work of the country’s spy agencies, as well as their multi-billion dollar

The bill, which was approved by the House of Representatives earlier, also
creates a national counter-terrorism centre.

The bill also contains provisions to allow operatives to place wiretaps on
suspected terror suspects and to improve the efficiency of baggage screening
equipment at borders and airports.

Around 2,000 extra border guards will be recruited for each of the next five

The legislation also calls for face-to-face interviews for almost all foreign
applicants for US visas.

Nothing bad there. Some, such as Ray LaHood, do not like it. I do not see him offering up any ideas. The Director will need to be a man who is on par with a Bill Gates or Lee Iacocca, capable of running a huge, international style corporation. He will have to provide direction and focus, and make the agencies play nice. Give it a chance, people.

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3 Responses to “The Intel Reform Bill is Good”

  1. Jeremy says:

    ..actually, your first post was all I was asking for from one of the top 30. I just wanted a link.

    I’ve never spoken well of one of the top 30 sites and hoping to change that, just once.

  2. Hey, I was glad to write it. And, you are right: the big boys should write something nice. Cannot be all gloom and doom. I will frag the comment, as you requested.

  3. Jeremy says:


    I sent an amplifying e-mail to you and Ed.

    …one more thing: Go drink some caffeine. Not alot. Just a bit. You’re an addict, just like me….speaking of which…I’ll be back in a bit.

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