A Moosemas Story

Perhaps I should have a new catagory, entitled Holy Crap! The following pictures are of a moose that went through a woman’s windshield near South River, Ontario (Canada, of course, hoser). The woman came away with a broken wrist and in need of a good bath. And clean underwear. You have to wonder how she survived.

Moose1 Moose2

Moose3 Moose4

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3 Responses to “A Moosemas Story”

  1. WOW.

    I was sick about damage to MY car when a deer hit me. This adds some perspective.

    (and yes, a DEER hit ME . . . bolted just as I was driving by, and dented my passenger-side door)

  2. Pops says:


    What a mess.

    I had a deer commit suicide on my car once also PW. American Warmonger and Patty-Jo were sound asleep, and it woke them up with a start.

    I’ve had to dodge moose cows before in Minnesota, Glad I managed to miss them.

  3. Actually, this particular deer didn’t die. It was laying on the ground when I stopped, and I backed up to check on it. When I got out, it jumped up and took off . . . scaring the s**t out of me in the process.

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