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Young Women Turning Metal Songs Into Feminist Anthems (or something?)

I’m a person who listens to all sorts of rock, from soft like Christopher Cross to country style like Jimmy Buffett and the Eagles to Southern rock to straight rock to acid rock to hard rock to metal. New Wave, punk, you name it, I listen to artists from all those genres of rock. My […]

If All You See…

…is a jungle that’s disappearing due to global boiling, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is The First Street Journal, with a post on Deep Space Nine being prescient on the destruction of San Francisco.

Zelensky Sees A Lot Of Pushback Over US Funding Of Ukraine War

Remember this poll (CNN) Overall, 55% say the US Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine vs. 45% who say Congress should authorize such funding. And 51% say that the US has already done enough to help Ukraine while 48% say it should do more. A poll conducted in the early days of […]

Your Fault: Humanity Has “Opened The Gates Of Hell” Or Something

Was this before or after thousands took long fossil fueled trips to NYC for the latest United Nations bitch-session? Definitely before tens of thousands take long fossil fueled trips to the yearly climate conference in November in the fossil fuels nation of Dubai, right? ‘Humanity has opened the gates of hell’: U.N. chief calls for […]

Chicago To Spend $29 Million For Security At Illegal Alien Camps

So, what could the Sanctuary City Of Chicago do with $29 million? How many legal residents could they feed? How many areas could they secure against crime (California looks to spend $267 million to stop smash and grabs)? Mayor Brandon Johnson quietly signs $29 million deal with private security firm as part of Chicago‚Äôs planned […]

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